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Written by Dr. Shankar Shesh: Directed by Mathura Kalauny

Arvind is a college professor who has caught Rajkumar red handed copying during an examination. Rajkumar happens to be the son of the college president. The student's union wants Arvind to send Rajkumar's report to the university. Rajkumar's father, of course, wants to tear out the report, more so because the incident is not good for his public image. Arvind's friends and colleagues advise him to toe the line and withhold the report.

Arvind's wife Leela is a practical woman. When the president dangled a carrot of principalship in front of Arvind, she influenced him to throw the report away and accept the offer. Arvind does that, but at a great cost to his self esteem.

He is tormented by his remorse, which takes the shape of his deceased friend Vimalendu, who was murdered by the same Rajkumar's gang in a similar incident earlier.

Vimalendu likens Arvind to Dronacharya of Mahabharat, who also was more of a paid guru than a real Acharya. Mahabharat would not have taken place if Drona had behaved as a real Acharya. He also, had to sell his soul to feed his hungry family and his hungry ego.

Ek Aur Dronacharya by the great Dr. Shankar Shesh of Madhya Pradesh University. It deals with corruption in a teaching place at three levels, personal, societal and traditional. At some point in our lives, we all are teachers. How true are we to this noble deed and what kind of generation are we leaving behind.

The play is a deep emotional experience both for the players and the viewers. The remorse of professor Arvind, the agony and ecstasy of Dronacharya, the determination of Arvind's students, Chandra and Anuradha, make the play one of the greatest ever written in Hindi. For those who enjoy a light hearted evening there are hilarious and lighter moments in the play depicted by the senile and spineless principal, highly strung Yadu and Vimalendu the Pret Atma. The play is being staged on the 12th and 13th of April at Chowdiah Memorial hall.


  • Nandan
  • Venkatesh DK
  • Sanjay Sinha
  • Yashpall Gill
  • Suchi Poddar
  • Nitin Asthana
  • Kundan
  • Meenakshi Bhaduri
  • Ankur Gupta
  • Anish Singh
  • Sudarshan
  • Anindya Bhaduri
  • Ankura Ranade
  • Deepak Ajmani
  • Sarang Asthana
  • Manjari Bhatnagar
  • Sanil yatti

EK AUR DRONACHARYA : Director's Profile

Mathura Kalauny was born in the Pithoragarh district of Uttaranchal, where he spent his early childhood in the lap of the Himalayas. Nature had a profound impact on him. From Uttaranchal, he moved to Kolkata where he finished his school and college. He is currently employed as Research Manager in FMCG giant ITC Limited.

Somewhere in the 1980's he took to writing. He has 150 published short stories to his credit and his stories have appeared in all major Hindi publications of the country.

Komal Gandhar was the first play he produced and directed, in Bangalore in 1988. Since then it has been one play a year. He has also appeared in radio plays and television serials. Mr. Kalauny has also written a novel and three Hindi plays, two of which namely "Jod Tod", and "Kayapalat" have been very popular with the Bangalore crowd.

He is reappearing on the Bangalore theatre scene after a gap of nearly 3 years.

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